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Lempert Family Foundation

Our work takes three forms.

1. Remembering a once-thriving Jewish community in Eastern Europe

    Since 2001, the Foundation has been working on three interrelated projects focusing on the story of Jewish community of Oradea, a major city in northwestern Romania.

    The central element, a planned new museum and learning center situated in what was once a major synagogue, serves as the wellspring for the other two. In development is a feature documentary about the initiative behind the musuem and the story of the lives and ultimate fate of the people the museum intends to honor. In place since 2003 is an extensive Web site, a virtual world of the past and present of the Jewish community of this city.

    Please see OradeaJC.com.

2. Bringing attention to the work of American poets and the value of poetry in everyday life

    REMproductions, the media group of the Foundation, is developing a feature documentary film about poets and poetry in the U.S. today, as well as shorter, more narrowly focussed documentary works for the poetry community and general public.

    The first completed work is a 20 minute short about the poet Gerald Stern, produced in association with the Poetry Foundation. Gerald Stern: Still Burning can be viewed at the Foundation's web site, along with a number of trailers, compilations, and short documentaries featuring over 50 contemporary American poets.

    Please see www.PoetryMattersNow.org

3. Supporting established charities and institutions financially

    The Foundation makes donations to established charities and non-profit institutions. These include organizations whose focus is on: arts and education; human rights; children at risk; refugees; Jewish continuity. At this time proposals are accepted by invitation only.



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